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Become an AHA Equity Transformation Partner

Gain awareness and credibility with AHA hospitals as they advance health equity within their organizations and across their communities

What is your organization’s biggest challenge right now? Are you committed to committed to working with hospitals to eliminate health disparities? Are you focused on advancing health equity in local communities? The AHA Equity Transformation Partner (ETP) program offers a variety of ways for organizations that share the AHA’s vision and commitment to health equity, diversity and inclusion to get involved in our work through their expertise and services.


Program Benefits

  • Designation as a recognized leader in the field and a participant in AHA’s equity partner network, with the right to use the AHA Equity Transformation Partner (ETP) icon
  • Placement on the ETP program webpage and regular program promotions via social, newsletter and email communications
  • Insider access to the AHA’s Diversity and Health Equity events, special sessions with AHA leaders and experts in the field*
  • Opportunities to participate in AHA’s Health Equity events

*Access to events is correlated with participation level.



How the ETP program Works

The AHA Equity Transformation Partner (ETP) program is available to highly reputable, qualified service providers in the diversity, inclusion and health equity space. The AHA’s internal team of experts, senior management of the IFDHE, reviews and selects providers and services that meet our criteria and demonstrate success specifically with existing AHA members. We are seeking organizations that: 

  • Have an established hospital–health system client base
  • Can provide two case studies featuring recent work and three references from recent clients
  • Demonstrate alignment to the Health Equity Roadmap framework
  • Show commitment to continuous improvement of practice and sharing promising practices with the field

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