Diversity and Inclusion Webinars


This webinar reviews priorities and expectations set forth by CMS to implement DEI practices in every aspect of the health care team. An interactive panel of health care professionals will highlight opportunities to address DEI in nurse onboarding and ongoing professional development, including best practices from one health system actively incorporating DEI. (Webinar presented June 28, 2023)
This webinar provides an exclusive look into how the components of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) can operate within an organization and create an environment of openness, support and fairness. Attend this relevant and insightful webinar to hear how to create and bolster DEI goals.
Discuss how to address diversity, equity, and inclusion in your organization’s strategy and communications plans.
[WEBINAR] Health care is a team sport. Interdisciplinary teams excel when we respect and remain focused on the shared vision, mission and values. We work together to continuously improve lives, we all play a part in shaping and living the culture of our organizations, and we are all called to make meaningful contributions with a lasting positive impact. This webinar is designed to assist participants in being active allies/advocates for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Participants will learn how to be more active in advocacy, making a commitment to shape the experiences of marginalized groups in the workplace, and create impactful contributions in the health care field.
Learn how to drive your organization to be inclusive of all people and be a leader in the care of LGBTQ people through redefining the patient and employee experience.
What are some disparities associated with maternal and child health in your community? What are the root causes of these disparities? Explore how hospitals, health systems and their community partners are joining forces to examine and address disparities in maternal care, ultimately increasing access to equitable care and improving health outcomes.
Webinars on Unconscious Bias Training: Two Approaches from Equity of Care Honorees and REaL Data Collection, Stratification and Utilization in Response to COVID-19.
Breaking the ice can be complicated! How can hospitals and health systems create trusting environments that make interactions between patients and health care providers more comfortable and inclusive? Join Keith Stinson, RN and emergency department nursing director at Chatham Hospital, serving a mostly rural area of North Carolina, and Kimberlydawn Wisdom, MD, senior VP and chief wellness & diversity officer at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, as they describe their innovative staff training methods addressing the dynamics of unconscious biases, how to avoid uncomfortable interactions, and successful strategies for heightening bias awareness in the workplace. Both hospitals, operating in completely different clinical settings, are 2020 AHA Carolyn Boone Lewis Equity of Care Award honorees.
[WEBINAR] Learn how to avoid Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Strategy Derailment and explore solutions to get DE&I fully aligned with a health provider’s business objectives.
Learn how to avoid Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Strategy Derailment and explore solutions to get DE&I fully aligned with a health provider’s business objectives.